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What you can count on:

What you can count on:

S & N Cleaners and Laundry - Henderson, TX

There are a few things you can count on when it comes to S & N Cleaners and Laundry. The first is knowledge. We know dry cleaning. With further education in the field, our knowledge in the industry gives us the ability to get a deeper clean without sacrificing time, resources and—most importantly—your wardrobe. We can get out almost any stain and clean almost any type of fabric. From wool to leather, we promise to return your clothes in better condition than they came to us.

The second is our experience and expertise. In 2015 we started our 29th year in business and we believe the best is yet to come! Our owner and employees know the difference between dry cleaning and just laundry. We use the right methods and chemicals to make sure that your wool sweater comes back to you the way it arrived – only cleaner. We will give you advice on how to treat certain items and go over options when it comes to ways to treat certain items.

The last thing is our service. We offer everything from dry cleaning your suits to wedding gown preservation. As a part of the Professional Dry Cleaners Association, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, and Southwest Dry Cleaners Association we receive monthly updates and tips which we pass along to our customers. We are certified to clean leather and our wedding gown preservation services are guaranteed for life.

For the best in Henderson,TX, come to S & N Cleaners and Laundry. If your clothes are not becoming to you they should be coming to us! Call today.

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